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I began collecting and driving classic cars in 1979. Over the years, I have owned and driven cars from the mid-30's thru the early 70's. I've tried to collect cars that were original and documented but very drivable. If you would like to discuss any of these cars please call me at 858-337-7333 or email me at equinn@me.com.

Thank you

Ed Quinn
San Diego, CA

Whatís in a name? In this name, Zephyr Motors, there is a story of a man who loves trains and a woman who loves dogs.
It had been six months since our dog, Freeway, a boarder collie mix, died of a heart attack at 14 years old. He died over 12 hours while my husband was out of town and as I manically drove among vets and an animal hospital trying to save him. His last real effort was to step into the car after I told him he was too heavy for me to pick-up. After they put him to sleep to ease his suffering, I cried all night. Months later, the mention of his name or the sight of another dog that looked like Freeway, inevitably led to more tears. In desperation, my husband decided over coffee one morning, that although he didnít want a dog, he couldnít live with this sobbing woman any longer.

He found our English Springer spaniel in a newspaper ad. He was one of a large litter raised by a woman, a foster mom with a dozen kids. I thought I wanted a female dog but my husband assured me I got along better with men. So we chose the runt of the litter a small black and white male puppy who liked to hide in a pile of rags. As I lifted the dog into my arms I could now see the tearing eyes of the 12 foster kids who had loved-up these puppies from birth. It was sad to take this puppy from his wonderful home but the money from the sale of the puppy would help this family.

Of course the puppy cried non-stop on his way to our house and I could tell my husband was already regretting our new companion. I wanted my husband to love this dog as much as I did. I hoped that if I gave the dog a name he liked, my husband would bond with our new puppy. As I said earlier, my husband loves trains. This California dog painted black and white perhaps had something in common with the California Zephyr, a train that runs from Chicago to San Francisco. Both the dog and the train were potentially very fast.

Well it worked. My husband and Zephyr have bonded. He greets him when he pulls into the driveway with one of his vintage automobiles. My husband parks his car and then he runs Zephyr on the front lawn while he chases the water hose. Yes, Zephyr looks like the wind as he runs back and forth across the lawn. And yes, a name can make a difference.